class-action lawsuit

Yelp Faces Lawsuit Over Fraudulent Reviews

Yelp Inc. and its executives were accused of selling $81 million of artificially-inflated stock while "deceiving shareholders about the quality of consumer reviews on its website," Reuters reported yesterday.

Facebook Facing Class Action Suit Over Privacy

Facebook is starting off the year under fire once again for allegations that it has violated its users' privacy. Two Facebook users have filed against the social network for using the content of private messages as data for targeted advertising.

Study: Marketers Have Nothing to Fear From Advertising Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is great if it keeps the government off your back, but does it also give attorneys a green light to pursue class-action suits?

Fed-Up Time Warner Cable Customers File Class-Action Suits

Time Warner Cable—embroiled in two retransmission consent disputes, one with CBS and the other with Journal Broadcast Group—has its hands full on both fronts as the blackouts drag on.

Toyota Pays $1.1 Billion to Settle Lawsuit

Toyota Motor Corp.