British Heart Foundation

A Father Gets to Say the Goodbye He Couldn’t in This Chilling Campaign About Heart Disease

This quietly terrifying multi-channel campaign from the British Heart Foundation strives to keep its audience off balance in more ways than one. Surprise is the key theme of the campaign, breaking today via DLKW Lowe in London. Each facet mimics the swiftness and unexpectedness of the malady itself.

How’d They Do That? Remarkable British Ad Goes in Utero to ‘Film’ an Unborn Baby

If you happened to catch this PSA on television in Britain this month, you might be left wondering if it is—could it somehow possibly be?—real footage. And that's the point. The spot, from Grey London, shows an unborn baby drifting around inside the womb in what is surely the most real-seeming in-utero footage ever. It is, however, all CGI. "The craft and technique that Digital Domain and [Radical Media director] Chris Milk put into making the ad was amazing, and the end result looks so brilliantly life-like that we hope people will walk away from it questioning whether it's real or not," says Grey deputy executive creative director Vicki Maguire. The ad, for the British Heart Foundation, even has the baby do the voiceover (in a child's voice). She talks about how she might inherit a heart condition from her parents. "I wanted to create a sincere and simple piece of film, forging a deeply emotional connection with a girl who needs saving even before she is born," says Milk, who also made Arcade Fire's stunning interactive experience The Wilderness Downtown. "The story is told in a world that is familiar but still a mystery. She's invited us in because she has something to say. Something vital." Credits below.

Entire Ad Break Is Made of Lego in Delightful Stunt for Toy Company’s Movie

Here's a fantastic ad stunt orchestrated by media agency PHD on Britain's ITV. On Sunday night, the TV broadcaster devoted a whole commercial break during an episode of Dancing on Ice to airing remade versions, done entirely in Lego, of four well-known British ads—to promote The Lego Movie. See the entire ad break here: The first spot was an abbreviated version of the famous 2012 Vinnie Jones CPR ad for the British Heart Foundation. That was followed by 30-second ads, remade practically shot for shot, for, BT and Premier Inn. Short promos for The Lego Movie aired in between each of the spots, followed by a proper trailer at the end. Check out the four original ads below. Via Creative Review.

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Mini Vinnie Will Save Your Life With CPR, Then Kick Your Ass

The British Heart Foundation and Grey London have spoofed their own famous Vinnie Jones CPR ad, with kids performing the roles of the infamous retired soccer star and his henchmen. Of course, the effect isn't as strong if you haven't seen the original, which showed Vinnie performing CPR to the beat of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" (a song that's been used in many CPR videos, as the pace of its rhythm is famously perfect for chest compressions). It's like a Kenneth Anger outtake with better production values. The remake doesn't really add much to the concept, although Mini Vinnie's goons are better dancers than the originals. On the other hand, it gets the Bee Gees stuck in your head. Credits below.

Ad of the Day: British Heart Foundation

At some point in our lives, we've probably all taken some sort of mandatory CPR course. And at a later point, we've probably all forgotten most of what we learned—something about chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing and airway blockage?—and hoped to the high heavens that no one near us ever stops breathing, because they'll be sore out of luck.