Mini Vinnie Will Save Your Life With CPR, Then Kick Your Ass

Little tough guy takes over for big one

The British Heart Foundation and Grey London have spoofed their own famous Vinnie Jones CPR ad, with kids performing the roles of the infamous retired soccer star and his henchmen. Of course, the effect isn't as strong if you haven't seen the original, which showed Vinnie performing CPR to the beat of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" (a song that's been used in many CPR videos, as the pace of its rhythm is famously perfect for chest compressions). It's like a Kenneth Anger outtake with better production values. The remake doesn't really add much to the concept, although Mini Vinnie's goons are better dancers than the originals. On the other hand, it gets the Bee Gees stuck in your head. Credits below.


Project Title: "Vinnie Saves"

Client: British Heart Foundation

Policy and Communications Director: Betty McBride

Head of Policy and Advocacy: Maura Gillespie

Head of Social Marketing and Brand: Nick Radmore

Creative Agency: Grey, London

Executive Creative Director: Nils Leonard

Creative Director: Vicki Maguire

Copywriters, Art Directors: Vicki Maguire, Jonathan Marlow

Producer: Jacqueline Dobrin

Managing Partner: Sarah Jenkins

Account Director: Camilla Ashenhurst

Account Manager: Sophie Fredheim

Planner: Matt Buttrick

Media Agency: PHD

Production Company: Hungry Man

Directors: Wayne McClammy (TVC), Steve Bendelack (Mini Vinnie), James Gooding (testimonials)

Editors: Alaster Jordan (TVC; Mini Vinnie), Matt Newman (Mini Vinnie), Vee Pinot (testimonials)

Postproduction: The Mill, Greyworks

Audio Postproduction: Grand Central