Maker Studios Is Building an In-House Ad Team

Flush with $26 million in new funding, Maker Studios is looking to up its monetization game. The startup, which manages YouTube stars like PewDiePie and Kassem G, is set to announce the launch of Maker Made, an in-house unit dedicated to helping brands succeed in Web video.

Maker Studios Hauls in $26 Million More in Funding

Fresh off its acquisition of Blip, Maker Studios has raised $26 million in a new round of financing.

Hipsterhood’s Awkwardness Crosses Generations

Although we'd never openly admit it, any self-respecting member of the so-called millennial generation has at some point or another asked themselves one very troubling question:

Ousted Tumblr Editor in Chief Lands at Blip

After being dropped as Tumblr's editor in chief in April, Chris Mohney has landed on his feet as vp of programming at Blip, the digital video company announced on Wednesday.

When Will There Be One Metric for All Screens?

The dream of every client and media agency is simple: one metric that works across every single screen—television, tablet, smartphone, computer. But, either ironically or inevitably, depending on who you talk to, high-tech means low accuracy.

Do NewFronts Really Affect TV Pricing?

Google’s Eric Schmidt may have told an audience full of media buyers that Web video had already replaced television last week, but the ad industry isn’t so sure the NewFronts are going to make that much difference when it comes to moving ad dollars.

Blip Inks Deal With Ray William Johnson

A reinvented Blip rolled out a handful of original series, provided details on a new content partnership with My Damn Channel, revealed a production deal with YouTube giant Ray William Johnson and announced a new hire at a lively

Are Views From YouTube’s TrueView Ads True Views?

YouTube channel rankings are fast becoming the newest obsession among the Web video crowd. And while those rankings have brought a lot of excitement to the burgeoning medium, they’re also causing plenty of angst, with some grumbling that the views game is rigged.

Will Video Hub Be Just a Blip on the Stream?

When Blip came on the scene in 2005, the pioneering startup was ahead of its time, building a network and set of tools designed to help the nascent community of independent Web series. And when Blip unveiled a Hulu-esque consumer -acing hub last year, the timing seeming ideal, as interest in original video content was swelling.