Benjamin Palmer

Barbarian Group Chairman Benjamin Palmer Leaves the Agency After 14 Years

Three months after New York's Barbarian Group parted ways with CEO Sophie Kelly, chairman Benjamin Palmer has left the agency he co-founded after 14 years.

The Barbarian Group Parts Ways With Its Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Kelly has left The Barbarian Group after serving as chief executive officer for two years.Korea-based holding company Cheil Worldwide, which bought a majority stake in the agency in 2009 and later acquired Durham, N.C.'s McKinney, will replace Kelly with its now-former chief digital officer, Peter Kim, effective immediately.

When Not Dressing Up on Fridays, This Agency Works on Clinique and Aveda

Specs Who Kevin Chan, associate creative director and Formal Friday creator (far left); Benjamin Palmer, chairman (second from left); CEO Sophie Kelly (seated, center), surrounded by Formal Friday participants

Sophie Kelly Becomes CEO of The Barbarian Group

Sophie Kelly, previously president of The Barbarian Group, is taking the reins of the digital agency as its new CEO.Benjamin Palmer, who co-founded the agency in 2001 and has been its CEO since, will step up into the role of chairman, focusing on the agency's technological chops, and new business.

Losing Talent Is What Keeps These CEOs Awake at Night

Asked today to identify the No. 1 threat to their businesses, the leaders of agencies and new technology companies differed a bit in their responses but overlapped on the issue of talent.

Art Directors Club Hires Ihaveanidea Founder

The Art Directors Club has hired Ignacio Oreamuno, founder and president of advertising organization Ihaveanidea as its new executive director.

Advertising Leaders Reflect on Jobs’ Legacy

Ad industry leaders reacted quickly and passionately today to the passing of Steve Jobs, whom they described in personal terms—almost as if they had lost a friend.Most, however, had never worked with him. Still, they felt they knew him from the exceptional aesthetics of his products to his peerless ability to defy convention and embrace the power of marketing.

Palmer Takes Charge at ADC

The Art Directors Club has elected Benjamin Palmer, CEO of digital agency The Barbarian Group, to a three-year term as its president, the nonprofit group announced Wednesday.