4 Brands Unplugged for Earth Day to Brainstorm—Vote for Their Best Ideas

Ad agency Iris Worldwide yesterday invited clients to come to its downtown New York office to come up with marketing ideas the old-fashioned way—no Web, no email, no smartphone, no nothing.

The Spot: Toy Overload

IDEA: It's no secret that holiday shopping, particularly offline, can be hell. Britain's Barclaycard, a credit- and debit-card company, doesn't claim to ease all the pain—just a portion of it. "Our personal view was that [Barclaycard's] previous ads depicted the whole purchasing process to be effortless just because the payment was.

Barclaycard: Facebook Ads Outperformed Display, Search

Barclaycard launched a sweeping campaign last November to promote its NFL Extra Points card. The digital media buy included search and display ads on more than a dozen digital media platforms, but the financial services company’s Facebook ads outperformed them all, generating a 0.13 percent clickthrough rate versus the overall campaign’s average of 0.08 percent.

Facebook, comScore Say Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Suck

When Facebook filed to go public back in February, it simultaneously unveiled its advertising revenue for the first time and lost the ability to publicly discuss those numbers or refute critics because of a quiet period mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

BBH upgrades the fun in Barclaycard sequel

You might remember BBH’s 2008 commercial for Barclaycard with the guy jetting through life on a water slide—which was a metaphor for the speed and flexibility of Barclaycard’s “contactless” payment […]

Office slides are pretty great in real life, too

Those wacky Brits are at it again. This time, the designers of a new office complex in Sheffield have installed a giant slide to whisk employees from the third floor […]

Some waterslides are more fun than others

With a Barclaycard, you zip through life with ease. There you are at the library, picking up some DVDs—then suddenly you're at the supermarket, snagging a banana. At least, this […]