Zuck’s Mom Keeps Tabs Via Google Alerts, and Other Zuckerberg Family Secrets

By Cameron Scott 

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via Dot Complicated

Karen Zuckerberg, mother to Mark and Randi, wrote a blog post yesterday on Randi’s new website, Dot Complicated, laying out her favorite tech products, including Facebook and its Messenger app.

“You might think I’m biased, but I’m not! I was just a very early adopter,” she wrote.

Zuckerberg focussed on technologies that have changed her life, and it seems likely that Facebook has, at least since its IPO in May.

Zuckerberg also said that she keeps tabs on her children using Google Alerts.

“I realize this might not be applicable to everyone, but for me, having Google alerts for my children is a way of staying up to date on their lives. … [S]ome weeks I hear more about what’s going on with them in the news than I do from them directly!,” wrote Zukerberg mère.

By guilting her children in the world’s most un-humble humble brag, Mark’s mom may just have won the Internet.

What are some of the Zuckerberg clan’s other favorite technologies? Apple products FaceTime and iMessages, Skype, and the surprise inclusion, Postagram. Postagram turns digital photos into paper postcards.

Dot Complicated, a newsletter and web community about wired lifestyles, is a project of Zuckerberg Media, Mark’s sister Randi’s company which delivered the Silicon Valley reality TV show.