YouTube Video of Voting Glitch Results in Pulled Machine

By Cameron Scott 

A voting machine in Pennsylvania has been taken out of service after a YouTube user filmed the machine displaying a vote for Romney when the voter selected Obama, according to MSNBC.

YouTube user CentralPAVote uploaded the video below, documenting his effort to vote for Obama this morning. The video shows him repeatedly attempting to select Obama, but the voting machine screen repeatedly registers a vote for Romney. In his description of the incident, the user says he assumed the machine’s calibration was wrong, so dropped down a line and tried to vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. The vote for Stein was properly displayed, he said.

The user also explains that apparent jumps in the footage are the result of “the sh–ty camera app on [his] Android phone, nothing more.”

He said when he brought the attention to election volunteers, they dismissed it. NBC subsequently reported that the machine had been taken out of service.

Republicans wrote a letter last week complaining about voting machines in other swing states improperly recording votes for Obama.

The videographer, a man in his late 20s voting in Perry County, Penn., told SocialTimes he was eventually able to select Obama.

“I just had a very small ‘active’ area to do so,” he said.

We reported yesterday on the VideotheVote project which invites users to submit videos of any voting irregularities.

Updated at 4:05 p.m. with quote from the videographer.