YouTube Topics Launches, Helps Viewers Waste Even More Time On YouTube

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Have you ever found yourself spending hours and hours on YouTube, clicking from suggested video to suggested video with no real destination in mind? YouTube has just launched a new feature in the TestTube called YouTube Topics, which helps viewers search and organize searches according to topics. It should be just the thing to get users to waste even more time on the video site. Wahoo!

You can check out how YouTube Topics work in the video below:

Basically, Topics allows you to find multiple topics that are relevant to a search. You can add multiple topics to your search to find videos that are relevant to several different categories, find similar topics and videos and more. It’s kind of like the Suggested videos feature, but instead of showing you videos that happen to be related to the video you are watching it shows you a variety of topics of videos that you might be interested in watching.

When you do a search, relevant topics appear right below your search, as well as next to each video in the search, as you can see circled in the screenshot below:

As if topics don’t give you enough excuse to spend more time on YouTube, the site is doing an Easter Egg promotion to entice users to search even more using YouTube topics. They’ve hidden 17 “Golden Topics” on the site, associated with interesting themed. Golden Topics stand out from regular topics because they are golden colored. If you click on all 17 golden topics then you unlock a special YouTube logo.

YouTube gives away one of the Golden Topics on their Help Page – If you search for ‘Camera Tricks’ you’ll find it. They also give clues for two of the other Golden Topics:

  • “Woah, man. Woah. Woah! Oh my God! Oh my God! Woohoo! Oh, wow!” What did this person just see?
  • They’ve boogied to Beyonce, Brazilian samba and Sugar Hill Gang. Who are they?

I’ve managed to find 3 out of 17 so far (thanks to YouTube’s clues), and rest assured I’ll be spending the next few days looking for the rest of the golden topics while singing “I’ve got a golden topic!” to the tune of “I’ve got a golden ticket”. If you find any others, feel free to share them with me! I’d love to see what the special YouTube Logo looks like. :-)