YouTube, Facebook and Netflix Leaders in Web Video

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Based on a survey of a number of Web users during the last week, Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney reports that Apple’s iTunes Store has more or less 10% of market share for online video. In the survey, the most common video platforms were mentioned by users and here are the findings:

1. YouTube leads with 69.2%

2. Facebook with 27.1%

3. Netflix with 24.5%

I find Facebook with a little over 27% and more than Netflix is surprising if not hard to believe.

Furthermore, the survey proved out that if you pay to watch video, you are using Netflix more so than YouTube or Facebook. Unlike Netflix, both YouTube and Facebook are without premium subscriptions for videos primed for streaming or rental. Google’s video platform hopes to take their format a notch up to premium subscriptions in the near future with movie rentals and live streams. Still, the good old standard YouTube continues to be free with users uploading high-quality, HD videos with very little restrictions, consequently YouTube is the leader of online video, free of charge.

Hulu, which is right below Netflix on the chart, is worth noticing because most of its users are not from Hulu Plus subscriber accounts; they are from free subscribers. It should also be noted that Apple has been rumored to be planning an expansion in web video. Apple hopes to launch a service similar to Netflix platform.

Although, there is a tremendous focus on the iCloud as a delivery service for iOS devices compared to a video service. It will be interesting to see if Apple crosses over to live streaming video with a massive upgrade for iTunes platform.