Facebook Video App: Youtoo Can Be On TV

By David Cohen 

It’s not quite a primetime slot on one of the “Big Four” television networks, but Facebook video application Youtoo announced that videos uploaded via its Be on TV app will air on “network television,” in “177 of the top 200 cable markets in the U.S.”

However, by “network television,” Youtoo is not referring to ABC, CBS, Fox, or NBC, but to Youtoo TV, which, the company claims, is available in 15 million cable homes in the U.S. It’s not quite TBS, but it’s a start. And Youtoo said other networks will begin airing its content this coming fall, although it did not specify which networks would do so.

Be on TV allows users to upload videos, which are posted to their Facebook timelines and walls. If their videos are selected for airing, users will receive Facebook notifications with the date and time they will run, as well as air checks or recorded videos of the airings.

Youtoo Chief Executive Officer Chris Wyatt said:

We designed the technology so that Facebook users can be on their favorite shows. For the first time, Youtoo technology is instantly available to the 800 million Facebook users.

Hey, Chris: Facebook actually has more than 900 million monthly average users, but who’s counting?

Readers: Is Youtoo TV available on your cable or satellite system, and it is something you’d be interested in watching?