Yo, Hodor: an app that sends Game of Thrones lovers nothing but ‘Hodor’


By Phi Tran Comment


The Hodor app is here and it does what Yo does best, simply send Hodor at your whim. Just load up the free app from iTunes and select your contacts in order to send contextual messages to anyone, anytime.

Created by Tyler Hedrick, the app is just as fun as Yo, but you should download it soon since it’s likely violating all possible copyrights owned by HBO. However, this is not the first time we are seeing Hodor referenced as a Yo app clone so you might see it again. Here’s a screen capture of an app concept created by Eric Tate and shared on his Google+ account. 


Like Yo, this app works best because of its simplicity, but it does contain more cultural references. Yo, on the other hand, is simple, and nearly devoid of references. However, as we all know, Yo was the butt of jokes, and not long after its rise to fame, the app suffered from a traumatic attack from hackers. Fortunately, the hackers were just students from Georgia Tech who were more than happy to aid the fledging app maker, Arbel, secure his app. For their parts, one student even got hired!