Wowza Media Systems: Second Screen usage means big opportunities for companies [infographic]


By Brandy Shaul Comment

Image via Wowza Media Systems

Image via Wowza Media Systems

With the mass adoption of smartphones and tablets, users have transformed normal daily activities, like watching TV, into a social affair, thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. In a new infographic, Wowza Media Systems examines the growing popularity of the second screen experience and how it’s affected our TV and movie watching habits.

Wowza’s data was compiled in associated with Nielsen and Social Media Daily, and found that 44 percent of users use a second screen at least half of the time they watch TV. Americans said they use a second screen during both sporting events and regular TV programs, with 34 percent  saying they used their devices more during sporting events, and 40 percent saying they used theirs predominantly during other shows.

Across all kinds of programming, 84 percent of users say they engage with their tablets or smartphones while watching TV at least once a month, while 39 percent do at least once each day.

Of these users, 72 percent said they are more likely to watch a TV show after engaging with the show’s social media pages or mobile apps, while 51 percent use social networks to talk to other fans while watching the same show (perhaps through a hashtag campaign on Twitter). What’s more, 24 percent of movie goers will now post social network updates while they’re actually in the theater.

These second screen experiences provide ample opportunities for companies to further engage their fans and app users, and many companies have already caught on to these possibilities.

For instance, NBC Universal, Comcast and Twitter recently revealed the ‘See It’ television viewing program, allowing Comcast’s Xfinity TV customers to instantly access TV shows, movies and sports programming via tweets on Twitter. The company also secured an advertising partnership that will see sponsored, real-time video clips embedded into tweets to further attract users’ attention.

Check out Wowza’s complete infographic below (click for larger).

Image via Wowza Media Systems

Image via Wowza Media Systems