WORLD CUP: Belgium’s Elimination Of U.S. Spurs 21M Interactions From 13M Facebook Users

By David Cohen 

WorldCupUSBelgiumTotals650The U.S. was the last squad to be eliminated in the round of 16 at 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, falling to Belgium 2-1 in an extra-time thriller Tuesday, and the Facebook Data Science Team reported that the match yielded 21 million interactions (posts, comments, and likes) from 13 million users globally, including more than 6.5 million interactions from some 4.1 million U.S. users.

The players who received the most global buzz were Goalkeeper Tim Howard of the U.S. and Romelu Lukaku of Belgium, and the top five moments of the match were:

  1. The final whistle.
  2. Lukaku scores in the 105th minute to give Belgium a 2-0 advantage.
  3. Julian Green scores for the U.S. to cut Belgium’s lead to 2-1 in the 107th minute.
  4. Chris Wondolowski of the U.S. misses from six yards out at the end of regulation.
  5. Kevin De Bruyne of Belgium breaks the scoreless tie in the 93rd minute.

The top five demographic groups discussing Tuesday’s game were:

  1. Men 25 through 34.
  2. Men 18 through 24.
  3. Men 35 through 44.
  4. Women 25 through 34.
  5. Women 18 through 24.

The top five countries discussing the match on the social network were:

  1. U.S.
  2. Brazil
  3. Argentina
  4. U.K.
  5. Belgium

The top five U.S. players in terms of buzz were:

  1. Howard
  2. Green
  3. DeAndre Yedlin
  4. Clint Dempsey
  5. Wondolowski

And the top five Belgian players were:

  1. Lukaku
  2. De Bruyne
  3. Eden Hazard
  4. Vincent Kompany
  5. Thibaut Courtois

Readers: Did you interact on Facebook during Tuesday’s match?