wooga Launches Magic Land Island on Mobile With Facebook Support

By Azam Khan 

Facebook’s mobile announcement is spawning an army of games with Facebook tie-ins. Social gaming company Wooga is leaping into the HTML5 frenzy by launching its first mobile game Magic Land Island that can be accessed on almost any device. More after the jump.

Magic Land Island has been designed specifically for Facebook’s mobile platform that’s currently integrated with iOS and set to support Android in the near future. The game is a mobile derivative of Magic Land, Wooga’s Facebook title that blends role-playing, city building and adventure game mechanics.

“The rapid technological development and possibilities of HTML5 surprised us during the development process and we are really seeing a lot of potential for a new segment of mobile social games,”commented Philipp Moeser, wooga’s CTO, the launch today.

Facebook’s HTML5 promise of cross-platform social gaming is holding true albeit saturated with technical problems as AJ Glasser pointed out at InsideSocialGames. Wooga’s CEO, Jens Begemann, is bullish on the advent of Facebook’s mobile platform and the new social distribution channels that will be created as a result. Wooga’s demographics are primarily women ages 35 to 45 who make up 70 percent of their audience.

Facebook Credits has also been launched for mobile although developers on the open mobile web will be the only ones able to utilize it as Apple forbids 3rd party virtual currency use on its native apps. Large companies like Wooga and Zynga can afford to tinker with HTML5 right now and although indie interest is also on the rise, HTML5 just doesn’t offer the kind of performance that other technologies like Flash and Unity currently do.

Despite this, Wooga’s Magic Land Island’s highlights include:

  • One of the technologically most sophisticated mobile HTML5 games
  • Cross-device compatibility (Currently optimized for iOS devices, runs also on modern Android devices)
  • Social interaction embedded in the game – mobile social experience

As the worlds of mobile and social begin to intersect, expect competition to stiffen. We covered Storm8’s integration with Facebook recently and expect a lot more mobile and social gaming powerhouses to make similar announcements in the upcoming months.