Wooga Becomes Fifth Top Social Game Developer On Facebook

By Azam Khan Comment

German social game developer wooga is now the 5th largest developer on Facebook, with over 18 MMAUs. wooga has also launched their latest title, Diamond Dash, on Facebook. More after the jump.

Founded in January 2009, wooga has grown to over 70 people in 20+ countries. Wooga has launched 3 titles on Facebook to date: Brain Buddies, Bubble Island and MonsterWorld, and has Diamond Dash to the roster, with 75,000 MAUs currently.

Diamond Dash is a fast action puzzler, much similar to Collapse in nature. You start off with a grid of blocks and have to click anywhere on a set of blocks of the same color that are connected in someway. A minimum set of blocks that can be clicked on has to have atleast 3 blocks. Clicking any of the blocks makes those blocks explode and the rest of the blocks fall into place, bringing down more blocks from the top. The key difference is that in Collapse the blocks emerge from the bottom. Regardless the game has a nice polish to it and players can dive right into the play upon loading.

How has wooga manage to sustain such growth despite an uncertain viral climate on Facebook? I believe the key factor is that they have evolved alongside Facebook’s ecosystem. wooga’s launch in 2009 allowed them to take advantage of the rampant newsfeed posts as well as notifications which were later curbed in early 2010. Despite a falling userbase of farming games like FarmTown, Country Store and CountryLife, wooga’s MonsterWorld steadily climbed. Perhaps its the way the company is structured or stellar talent they acquired. Whatever the case is, wooga is poised for growth in the social gaming market in the international realm and we look forward to seeing quality titles comes out of their studio.