Does Color Matter for Facebook Pages?

By David Cohen 

WisemetricsFacebookPreferredColors650Can the colors page administrators use on their Facebook pages impact engagement? Yes, according to analytics provider Wiselytics, which created an application to help page admins determine the best colors for their pages.

Wiselytics said in a blog post that it analyzed millions of posts from tens of thousands of Facebook pages, finding that pink and red did not fare well, but green did, and explaining the poor performance by blue by pointing out that blue is already the social network’s primary color, so it does not stand out.

The company also examined Facebook users’ color preference by country, outlining its findings in the blog post:

It is interesting to see how most countries are different. We still have a dominant green, strongest in Amazonia-land Brazil, but we do get countries with all colors. For instance, India is strikingly purple. Maybe it comes from India’ colorful culture.

We also have groups of countries. For instance North America is green-yellow, versus orange for Central America and green for South America.

The strong red and the yellow from Russia and China could be interesting, although there’s a catch: In Russia, only a fraction of the population uses Facebook, and in China, only people outside of the country do. This certainly leads to strange biases.


Finally, Wisemetrics explained how its app works:

At Wisemetrics, we have data from tens of thousands of Facebook [ages all across the world. For each page, we’re building robust models to predict its fans’ reaction to many factors, one of them being the color of an image. The model integrates the content of the posts associated with the image, as well as other factors such as tone, brightness and presence of people.

Once this is done, we predict fans’ responses to the original image, but also for 16 variants where only the color has changed (hue to be exact).

We run this for a few hundred images and aggregate the response. Everything else but the color being equal, this gives us fans’ preference for different colors.

Moreover, we augment data with audience lookalike pages. This means that even if you have posted only red pictures to your fans, we might know that they like blue better.

Page admins: How much thought have you put into which colors to feature on your Facebook pages?

Image of paint colors courtesy of Shutterstock.