Which Lesser-Known Bands Got the Most Social Media Buzz at SXSW?

By Devon Glenn 

Headliners may draw the most attention going into the SXSW music festival with a bigger following (and usually a bigger font), but lesser-known groups can still walk away with the most buzz once the festival ends. This year, three bands stood out above the rest.

Social media research firm Fizziology crunched the numbers on what people were saying online after the show (leaving out unrelated topics like album releases and concert dates) and compiled all the data into the visualization below.

Brooklyn–based indie rock band DIIV charmed the crowd with lush melodies that are reminiscent of dream pop bands like Beach Fossils and Real Estate, with hints of 80’s shoegaze.  They got their fans singing on social media as well — to the tune of 372 percent more buzz.

The three sisters and one drummer who form the Los Angeles-based group Haim have a catchy sound that others have compared to Fleetwood Mac. And catch on they did – the band’s post-SXSW social media buzz rose 263 percent.

Matthew Houck has been recording a dirtier, more expansive version of alt-country music for over a decade under the name Phosphorescent. But that didn’t stop the singer-songwriter from also expanding to social media, sparking 258 more conversations after SXSW.

Other lesser-known bands like Dawes, Empress Of, and Alt-J, got people talking as well. Take a look.