Where In the World Is the Internet? [Infographic]

By Guest 

Calvin Sellers is a freelance graphic designer and writer from Tampa, FL.  Follow him on Twitter @calvinthescribe.

The Internet has become a major part of most people’s days and nights. It’s often the thing people check first thing in the morning, and the thing people do last with their smartphones before bedtime. However, Internet popularity is not evenly spread around the world. Read this infographic to find out which nations have the highest density of Internet users, and which have the lowest.

Surprisingly, the number of computers in a country does not always dictate the Internet saturation level. Some countries with a lot of technology are not choosing to use it for the Internet. That means that even if you have a fancy new ultrabook or tablet, you might not have WiFi nearby in some of these countries like Ukraine. In other countries like China you might experience Internet restrictions that impair your ability to use the Internet, even though the nation is saturated with Internet service.

Countries like Australia and the United States are expected to have high Internet saturation, and of course they do. However, some countries have surprising Internet saturation levels, such as the United Arab Emirates. Iceland has a shockingly high rate of Internet users at 97 percent, which far outshines the nearby country of Ireland, which only has 73 percent saturation, and the USA with just 78 percent density.

When it comes to countries that people anticipate to have low rates of Internet usage, North Korea is an obvious choice. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for data to be gathered about North Korea, but it is known that their Internet rate is incredibly low. Some countries with the lowest Internet saturation include Nicaragua (13 percent), Haiti (8 percent), Mozambique (4 percent) and Papua New Guinea with just 2 percent Internet density.

To find out more about which nations are obsessed with the Internet and which ones don’t have as much access, read this interesting infographic.