Retailers, Get More Facebook Exposure With Want Button

By David Cohen Comment

“Want” is a natural choice for retailers looking to add open graph actions to their Facebook marketing efforts.

Want said its universal want button allows retailers to:

  • Increase exposure on Facebook;
  • Drive traffic and, by extension, sales;
  • Improve viral sharing; and
  • Track online shopping intentions among Facebook users and other consumers.

Want to know how Want’s want button works?

After retailers add the button to product pages via a few lines of code, shoppers create want lists, and the inbound links to retailers’ product pages generated by those actions boost organic search results.

Products added to want lists also post to timeline profiles, and retailers can send targeted messages to Facebook users who want their products.

Retailers that have integrated the button from Want include Sharper Image, Shoebacca, and Ron Jon Surf Shops.

Want Vice President of Business Development Greg Links said:

We’re excited to be one of the first apps approved for timeline sharing. It is a major breakthrough for retailers to be able to take products beyond like to the perfect verb for shopping — want.

Other than “buy now,” want is the most powerful expression to which a retailer can have access. And now, that access is easier than ever.