How One-Year-Old Vox Rocks Facebook

By David Cohen Comment

VoxLogoAfter roughly one year in existence, media site Vox draws some 23 million monthly unique visitors, with up to 40 percent of those coming via Facebook.

Vox launched in April 2014, and its recent interview with President Barack Obama totaled 4,606 shares for the excerpts released exclusively via its Facebook page.

Vox released a case study examining its Facebook strategy, and Liz Heron, who works on strategic partnerships for news with Facebook, provided highlights in a Facebook Media blog post:

In the case study, Vox explains various approaches to news and publishing that it believes helped it develop a highly engaged Facebook audience, including:

  • Creating stories that audiences are inclined to share; “substance is viral.”
  • Making social packaging second nature to every journalist in its newsroom.
  • Posting content directly to Facebook to build Vox’s brand.
  • Leveraging high-profile staff, such as editor-in-chief Ezra Klein, who has 220,000 fans of his own and often drives one-quarter of Vox’s daily Facebook referrals.

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Post by Vox.

Post by Vox.