Facebook Marketing Platform Vitrue Feels Love

By David Cohen 

Vitrue, a marketing platform for Facebook and other social networks, is doing some marketing of its own with the launch of its Love campaign and its tag line, “Like can never replace Love.”

The campaign is meant to emphasize the point that brands are not built on clicks, but by establishing meaningful relationships, and it is aimed at drawing more clients to its Vitrue Social Relationship Management platform, which enables brands to engage consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The vendor introduced the campaign by asking:

Would it be the same if Times Square merchants were selling I “Like” NY shirts? What about if Elvis was singing, “Like Me Tender?” Or even that awesome red sculpture in Philly and NY (on 6th and 55th) — would people make their way uptown for “LIKE”?

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Reggie Bradford said:

In its infancy, social media interaction was measured by likes, clicks, and followers. We believe that strong brands are built by forming deeper relationships with people that go beyond transactional thought. In today’s ever-changing social landscape, it is more important now than ever before for brands to engage with consumers in relevant and meaningful ways. Vitrue helps brands accomplish this through expertise and technology. We work with brands to gain a greater understanding of the types of interactions their customers value; then we give them access to the most advanced solutions possible to bring those interactions to life.

Vice President of Marketing Erika Brookes added:

At Vitrue, the importance of creating meaningful relationships has always been a part of our company culture, business philosophy, and view of what social media means for brands. The Love campaign helps bring this belief to life and amplifies that message even further.