Launches Tool to Turn Your Google Analytics Stats into an Infographic

By Devon Glenn 

A new visual reporting tool from can turn insights from Google Analytics into an infographic.

Unlike most of the infographics on, these are meant to be used internally. The results are sent in a private email that webmasters can then forward to the other people in their company. “I always share this info with the entire team so they can see an overview look of what went on in the past week,” said marketing manager Tal Siach.

After users log in with an authorized Google Analytics account, the tool will automatically tally the site’s weekly growth compared to previous weeks. This includes the change in the number of page views, the number of new and returning visitors, how much traffic was directed through social media and organic search results, how much time people spent on the site per visit and how many pages they viewed, and the bounce rate (the number of people who clicked away after seeing one page.) The template changes color based on whether there’s an increase or decrease in the numbers.

Users can also sign up to have these reports delivered weekly.

For the free tool, “We tried to go with something that will be generalized and appeal to a variety of players – including webmasters, bloggers, writers, managers and people in the organization as a whole,” explained Siach, but more customized options may be available in the future through the developer marketplace.

See an example below.