Viralheat Launches Free Service To Manage, Track Facebook Pages

By Justin Lafferty 

Managing a social media campaign (Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, etc.) can be exhausting and expensive. Viralheat is hoping to ease that stress. The company announced Tuesday that it has launched a free service for Facebook page administrators to both track key statistics about their fans, as well as manage their accounts.

Viralheat, which tracks social media metrics, is used by more than 3,000 entities in 76 countries. While it offers more robust services available for pay, the company said many people asked for a way to track statistics and post to their accounts at a cheaper cost. Through this service, users can gain more information about their Facebook page, Twitter account, or LinkedIn profile.

Viralheat Co-Founder and CEO Raj Kadam explained to AllFacebook how people had been clamoring for an affordable service:

What Viralheat did primarily was monitor assets, accounts, and conversations that were happening outside of your control … A lot of our customers came to us and said, “That’s fantastic. What we really want to do is also manage all the properties that we own, our own accounts on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Pinterest.” They have so many different pages to manage, so many different Twitter accounts to manage, and it’s just very overwhelming. Earlier this year, we started to bring that all together.

So what can you do for free? Quite a bit, actually. Through Viralheat’s free service, you can manage up to seven Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, posting to all three networks. Viralheat also offers analytics on mentions and engagement, giving you a clear picture of who your fans are, what they’re coming for, when they’re coming, and where they’re from. The statistics study likes, engagement, impressions, stories, page views, and page reach.

Users can also schedule posts to all three accounts, target them to a certain region, and shorten links automatically.

Marla Schulman, founder of brand marketing agency Dvin/Ideas, gave a ringing endorsement of Viralheat in a press release:

Viralheat is a powerful, extremely efficient tool in the measurement and management of content across multiple social media channels. I have come to rely on its ability to go beyond the numbers, to gauge audience sentiment, which helps us make strategy shifts throughout a campaign. We recently launched a small cable network’s television show, and I credit Viralheat with helping us drive 25,000 impressions on premiere night. I continue to use Viralheat and, whether you’re a brand or small business, highly recommend you try Viralheat Free; I don’t think you’ll want to use anything else.

Readers: If you manage a Facebook page, how are you tracking it?