Viral Radar: Evolution Of The Touchdown Dance

By Megan O'Neill Comment

The great NFL lockout of 2011 is over!  Football is back and to celebrate its return ESPN has uploaded an awesome video to YouTube called ‘Evolution of the Touchdown Dance’.  The ESPN video pays homage to ‘Evolution Of Dance’, the #1 top-favorited YouTube video of all time, with over 177 million views.

Evolution Of Dance featured inspirational comedian Judson Laipply in an orange shirt and jeans, dancing his way through time starting with dances like the twist and YMCA and moving on to the Robot, MC Hammer, Haddaway and more.  Evolution of the Touchdown Dance also features Judson Laipply, in an orange football jersey and jeans, dancing through some of the most ridiculous victory dances of all time.

ESPN says, “Football is back and it’s time to get down.  Judson Laipply shows that it’s not crazy to celebrate with a ridiculous victory dance, it’s sports.”  The video has nearly 300,000 views so far.  Check it out below and let us know what you think.  Which victory dance is your favorite?

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