Vine Celebrates 3rd Birthday, Launches Trends Page

By Brandy Shaul Comment

Vine Logo

Vine will celebrate its third birthday on January 24, and to mark the occasion, the company has unveiled its Year 3 collection, which contains the most-looped Vine of the app’s third year, as well as other popular or influential posts.

According to the collection, the most-looped vine from Year 3 was a clip of a soccer match, which contained the sound of an explosion from the Paris attacks in November 2015. The collection also highlights Vines which started trends, like the Duck Army Vine from August 2015.

In addition to this collection of Vines from Year 3, Vine has introduced its new Trends page, which will allow users to discover popular trends on the platform, and see how they started.

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In a blog post, Jason Mante, head of user experience at Vine, said:

Since our launch on January 24, 2013, people have turned to Vine to watch the world’s most bizarre, funny and entertaining stories. As we look back on #VineYear3, most of this year’s most powerful and entertaining moments are bigger than any one individual Vine. They’re larger stories, made up of many Vines, remixes and collaborations. We collected the ones that made this year the most memorable yet.

Readers: What are your favorite Vines from #VineYear3?