Vimeo Gets Family Friendly with Content Ratings for Videos

By Devon Glenn 

Vimeo today announced a ratings system for web videos that looks similar to the one on television.

The creators of the video sharing site have vowed that all “boobs, blood, and curse words” will now be categorized and rated under the labels “All Audiences,” “Mature,” or “Not Yet Rated.”

Ultimately, Vimeo plans to create filters for people to block unwanted content on their own.

“Though often essential to artistic expression, so-called ‘mature content’ can be decidedly less essential for certain audiences, such as children, office workers with their computer speakers turned up too loud, and people who’d rather not encounter particular things,” wrote Vimeo’s Paul Simoneschi in a blog post.

Rather than censor the videos, the company is asking video creators to report their mature content when they upload a new video to the site and to update their existing videos by going into their global video settings.

“Vimeo will always be the place to find an audience for your original creative work,” Simoneschi concluded, “but sometimes it means giving people a heads up if a face is going to explode or if someone is going to take their jean shorts off.”