VIDEO: Designers Who Worked On Facebook Home Offer Details On The Process Of Creating It

By David Cohen 

When Facebook introduced its Home Android overlay in April, Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the basic concepts behind Home and what Facebook was seeking to accomplish with the product. However, for users seeking far more detail on the process of bringing Home to life, Product Design Director Julie Zhou posted a video on Vimeo featuring a presentation by four designers who worked on Home.

Justin Stahl, Francis Luu, Joey Flynn, and Mac Tyler offered a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Home in a presentation May 8 at Bluxome Street Winery in San Francisco.

The video, embedded below, runs nearly 50 minutes, so we pulled some highlights from each designer’s portion of the presentation.


This was a chance to dig a lot deeper into a phone than I ever had before.

I’d sooner leave my house without my wallet than my phone, and nowadays, that’s actually not much of a problem at all. My phone is kind of like my own little apartment, which makes me happy we called it Facebook Home.

When we make social experiences, they should feel deeply personal.

In real life, news tends to find you. You don’t have to search it out. That’s the idea behind Cover Feed.

Luu described how the tray of applications in Home, which Facebook calls Launchables, was inspired by Kraft Foods’ Lunchables meals and snacks for kids, and he added:

Our phones are these very deeply personal devices, but they don’t feel that way.

The lock screen is this thing we see dozens of times per day, just out of routine.

Flynn described the challenges of representing static concepts in a dynamic environment, and stressed the importance of tools, saying that Photoshop was fine for creating static images, but he turned to Quartz Composer to envision his concepts in a dynamic environment. He added:

As a designer, you can leave nothing to interpretation.

Finally, Tyler talked about how the design team behind Home collaborated with HTC on elements of Home’s flagship device, the HTC First, including the design of its buttons, the placement of logos on the device, and even its packaging. He also spoke about teaming up with Facebook’s content-strategy team to help explain exactly what Facebook Home was, and of working with ad agency Wieden & Kennedy on the product’s advertising campaign.

Designing Facebook Home from joulee on Vimeo.