VIDEO: How To Gain Fans And Influence By Utilizing Facebook’s Data

By Justin Lafferty 

Through Facebook’s social plugins, businesses are finding new and innovative ways to attract readers and customers. At the recent AllFacebook Marketing Conference in San Francisco, Jason Jedlinski, vice president of digital products and platforms at Tribune Broadcasting, and Jay Budzik, chief technology officer at Perfect Market, showed attendees how a Los Angeles TV station found viewers through creatively using Facebook’s data.

Not long after connecting KTLA’s site to Facebook, the company noticed that a significant portion (15 percent) of its traffic came from the social network. Tribune partnered with Perfect Market for ads ,as well as unique Facebook integration techniques via Perfect Social on, such as making it easy to share stories to Facebook directly from the site, while tagging friends and adding custom context.

The site suggested friends with whom the reader could share, based on those friends’ Facebook data. For instance, if a friend likes pages about the Los Angeles Dodgers, when the reader is perusing a story about the latest Dodgers game, it would suggest that the reader share the story with that friend.

Targeted promotions, mining Facebook data, increased conversions tenfold.

After integrating heavily with Facebook, Tribune found that traffic from Facebook rose by 97 percent. The test was so successful that Tribune then spread the Facebook integration to more of its news sites.

Jedlinski and Budzik shared their experiences at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference, held earlier this month in San Francisco. Here’s the full video of their discussion:

Some major takeaways for companies looking to gain influence through Facebook:

  • Relevance matters, and it will increase the amount of positive interaction on the site.
  • Tagging (and motivating users to tag friends) multiplies visibility.
  • Provide some kind of reason for Facebook users to share this content with their friends.

Readers: How have you motivated Facebook fans to share content?