Viddy Delivers Major Update in Bid to Compete With Vine

By Cameron Scott 

viddy, vine, video sharing, mobile video, mobile apps, social networks, social media, facebook, twitter, foursquare, instagramAfter laying off a third of its Los Angeles-based work force last week, Viddy launched a major update last night, featuring stop-action recording, filters and YouTube annotations.

“We are very excited for all of our Viddy community members to see what we’ve been working on and to start having fun with the second generation of our mobile social video app,” the company said in its announcement.

In order to compete with Twitter’s popular Vine app, Viddy is endeavoring to become more social by facilitating links to YouTube videos and introducing an Explore tab where users can see popular videos shared by others. User can already share videos to Facebook or Twitter.

The company has evidently also identified one of Vine’s main competitive advantages as stop-action recording. Many Vine users have used the feature to create narrative cards that harken back to silent movies.

“Our creators told us that they wanted more options with creating video, so we increased the time limit and added the ability to pause and resume, then stitch together clips,” a spokesperson said.

With filters proving wildly popular with users of photo-sharing apps, Viddy has introduced more than a dozen of them.

With the update, Viddy will support videos up to 30-seconds long, twice the previous limit. Vine videos are limited to six seconds. (It also adopted a new logo, pictured; check out the old logo here.)