VI Launches Klout Score for Users’ Personalities

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social media, social influence, facebook, twitter, pinterestIsraeli startup VI recently launched what it calls a “Klout score based on your personality.”

When users install the app, it asks them to rank all of their Facebook friends using a list of 40 positive adjectives it supplies.

“For more than a decade, the web has taken more and more steps to expose the identity behind the user. Facebook has given people a profile, and now VI exposes people’s true personality on the web,” VI said in a statement.

The ranking system markets itself as a way for users to take control of their online reputation by entrusting their friends to write positive reviews of them. On the other hand, VI promises accuracy because all personality reviews are constructed anonymously.

Personality rankings have met with some resistance on the Web (this site, from developer performance artist Tom Scott as a case in point). Critics have targeted Klout in particular as little more than a popularity contest.

VI can also work as a self-improvement analytics tracker, the company says. Users can compare rankings in particular categories to their friends’ and celebrities’ and use the ratings to target their efforts at self-improvement.