Facebook Party Pictures Add Up Quickly

By Justin Lafferty 

As more people have the ability to post photos on the go, it’s only inevitable that more photos from Friday night’s party end up on Facebook. A survey by U.K. fashion retailer Very revealed that for women aged 18-35 who go out regularly (87 times per year), the amount of photos posted of them in a year can range from 4,212 to 23,400.

Of course, the motivation for Very’s study was the effect that mobile photo apps such as Instagram and Facebook Camera have on fashion choices. With so many cameras snapping photos, the retailer wondered if young women were changing up their wardrobe often so as not to be caught in the same outfit twice.

Some statistics from the study:

  • The average British woman is photographed 27 times on a night out
  • 45 percent of women surveyed say they are “constantly conscious” of cameras around them
  • 28 percent have practiced celebrity-style poses
  • 37 percent demand to see photos their friends take before giving the OK to upload to Facebook
  • 75 percent of women will go through photos posted to Facebook the next day and delete or untag photos of themselves
  • 40 percent admitted to regularly impersonating celebrities when posing for photos

Some of the U.K.’s most-emulated celebrities also have quite the following in the States: Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Moss have many pose-a-likes across the pond.

Readers: Have you changed your habits when out at a party or a bar, knowing cameras are everywhere now?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.