How Facebook Integrated With The Unity Game Engine

By David Cohen 

UnityGames650The software-development kit for the Unity game engine that Facebook released in August is now officially out of beta, complete with the latest features of the social network’s SDKs for iOS and Android, Facebook announced in a post on its developer blog.

The Unity SDK now supports application events, which allow developers to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, as well as deep linking, which takes users directly from social posts to specific destinations within games. Users can also easily capture and share in-game screenshots.

Facebook offered more details in the blog post:

The newest version of the SDK makes cross-platform development easier by providing unified function and return call values across all supported platforms and increased compatibility for apps using multiple plugins. Additionally, the SDK is up to date with the latest features of our iOS and Android SDKs, including support for app events that help you measure the effectiveness of your mobile app ads. It also has improved support for deep linking, which takes people directly from social stories to a customized destination in your game.

The updated SDK also makes it simple for games to let users share screen shots of their game experience with friends. This feature is very popular among players of Cmune’s Uberstrike, a game that recently integrated our SDK. Users share more than 65,000 pictures per day and have shared over 2 million pictures in the past 30 days.

Other Unity games using the SDK are having great success. For example, Madfinger launched its mobile only game, Shadowgun: Deadzone on Facebook and increased its total daily players by more than 75 percent for the first couple of weeks. Since integrating the SDK, Nival’s strategy and combat game, Kings County: Legions, has doubled conversion of Facebook users who install the Unity plugin and start the game’s first fight.

Readers: Have you played any Facebook games that are integrated with the Unity platform?