Uber Launches Corporate Perks Program

By Cameron Scott 

uber, ride sharing, mobile apps, social networks, social mediaUber today launched its first enterprise product, a program that will allow companies to dole out employee transportation benefits as credits for its ride-arranging app, the company said today.

The product, Uber Perks, was developed as Uber’s internal method of providing employee transportation benefits. The program was beta tested with “a handful” of other companies prior to its public launch today.

HR administrators can provide benefts for anyone with a confirmed company email address. Employees can use their existing Uber account if they have one or create a new one. Credits are distributed each month, and the app, which processes payment for taxi and private-car rides, automatically applies any credits on the user’s account. Administrators get a monthly usage report.

Perks credits are valid anywhere Uber operates. Of course, with ongoing regulatory skirmishes threatening Uber’s operations in some cities, companies may be loath to use the credits, however. But Uber is offering the program with no contracts.