Twitter Teases Internet With Job Posting That Screams ‘Pending IPO’

By Mary C. Long 

Another day, another opportunity to ponder Twitter IPO timing. We all know it’s gonna happen – it’s just a matter of time. And the folks at Twitter are great at building buzz (maintaining that buzz is another story. We’re looking at you, #Music. Cough, cough.)

But ever the wily tricksters, the Twitters have the Internet a-twitter about a LinkedIn job posting that strongly hints an IPO is on the horizon.

Twitter has repeatedly deflected IPO talk, with one co-founder, Jack Dorsey, going as far to assert Twitter is ”not even thinking about [an IPO] right now.”

“A lot of people think of this as a goal you have to get to but it’s a milestone,” he said on a bench outside a Manhattan café. “If you think about it as a goal you’re rushing towards it and then stop, and that’s not the way to build a timeless company.”

But that’s apparently a bunch of hooey.

USA Today reports the microblogging platform posted a job for a financial reporting manager – a job that SCREAMS “IPO headed your way, Internets!”:

The person would be responsible for filing the company’s preliminary prospectus, or S-1 document, outlining its IPO plans.

Twitter’s job position listed the following duties: “Responsible for preparation of monthly reporting materials, quarterly/annual financial statements and Form S-1 when we are ready to go public,” according to a job listing on LinkedIn.

WHEN we are ready to go public. So it looks like it IS on someone’s mind at Twitter after all, hmm?

We imagine Jack Dorsey starring off into space as he films his latest creepy Vine and considers the implications of such a move.

Place your bets! Will Twitter’s IPO happen in Q4 of 2013 or some time next year?

(Image from Shutterstock)