Tweeter Insight: Conversation, Not Information

By CJ Arlotta Comment

Twitter is NOT made for traditional marketing. Tweeters are not interested in catchy slogans; leave the traditional marketing for the television. Social media, Twitter especially, is all about the conversation.

1. Engage with your readers…

Social media is new and exciting. Do not bore your readers! Don’t just act like an active tweeter, be an active tweeter.

Add tweets that are going to engage your followers. If your tweet isn’t going to create chatter, think twice about posting it.

2. Keep in touch with recent trends…

Google Trends keeps you in touch with conversation, but Twitter puts together its own list of trends.

On the right side of your Twitter page, scroll down to find the latest trends. Before tweeting, think about including one of these trends into your tweet to be picked up by your followers or other tweeters.

3. Do not promote your brand, but promote conversation…

Your followers are following you for what you may say; show them that you are someone who is worth following. Promoting your brand will only push your followers away and onto another conversation.

Take control of your industry, and provide your followers will valuable insight. Direct your followers into a conversation of your choice. If your tweet is valuable enough, you will it being retweeted throughout the Twitter community.

CJ Arlotta covers the world of social gaming for development firms as well as the  average consumer. Currently, he is accumulating more knowledge of the international gaming market to follow and understand what global developers may  need to compete with already striving markets.