Tumblr Share Button: Will It Work?

By Kenna McHugh Comment

You can now share with Tumblr because the platform launched a sharing option for third-party websites. The Tumblr Share button is a lot like Facebook and Twitter buttons found on countless sites and the Button will allow Tumblr users to easily reblog their content from sites outside Tumblr’s realm.

The announcement arrived on the Internet on Monday where the Tumblr Staff Blog mentioned that the button is designed to be simple to use. The staff explained the button is as easy as copy-pasting the content you want and specifying whether you’d like the content posted as a photo, video, quote or link on your Tumblr account.

Even though Tumblr Staff say “easily,” it seems to have a bit of a learning curve. You can tailor the button to share a link to an article with a description, a quote and paragraphs. Images and video embeds can also be tailored to work as post types contained by Tumblr. The buttons can even be configured to work in PHP, Ruby or JavaScript.

Unfortunately, right after Tumblr made their announcement about the share button, the platform went down.  One user posted at Mashable, “Yeah, I’ll start using the button on blog posts when Tumblr actually manages to get their service to work. Seriously, announce a new sharing button; go down immediately.”

Below, you can view the different styles of the “Share on Tumblr” button. Which styles do you like or don’t like?