Tumblr Comes Crashing Down – The Great 2010 Tumblr Outage

By reginaavalos Comment

There was a roar of outrage from one part of the social media world on Sunday as Tumblr came crashing down. The service went offline on Sunday afternoon, and it is still down on Monday. Tumblr outages are not new. Tumblr has its issues, and it is down at least once every few days. Those outages last minutes, and this is one going on twenty-four hours.

Outraged users have resorted to Twitter to vent their frustrations. One user said the following via their Twitter: “If Tumblr doesn’t come back online today they might as well shut down for good. This is pathetic.”

What is causing the issue at Tumblr today? A problem with one of the site’s database clusters is to blame, and that is all the service is saying right now! The following was left via Twitter: “This has been a slow and painful recovery, but we’re almost through.” Tumblr promises more information once the service is back up and running, and that should be soon.

As it should be if they want to keep their users happy. This is one long outage. The natives are getting restless. They want their Tumblr, and they want it now. Not tonight. Not tomorrow. Right now.

Imagine if this was Twitter with the outage? The rage would be ten times worse, but Tumblr users are loyal and fanatical about their Tumblr blogs. Many spend their days refreshing their dashboard for the latest information. Sit tight! The site should be back up soon!