Tumblr and Reddit Founders Discuss Facebook IPO [Video]

By Neil Vidyarthi 

In case you’re completely out of the loop on tech news, Facebook is going public today, and the founders of Tumblr and Reddit, David Karp and Alexis Ohanian respectively, had a few things to say to Shira Lazar about its implications.  They also discussed their relationship to traditional media such as film and the news industry.  It’s surprising to see their open answers and honest desires to be connected to other services and artists, and they talk about a lot of great examples of how their services are enabling new experiences.

An interesting question Shira asked was about do’s and don’ts.  Alexis talked about how Reddit is a human network, and that many people have come on and acted in inhuman ways, and forgetting that this isn’t just a place to throw garbage marketing spiel, and it’s vital for celebrities to actually come on and be themselves, unlike Woody Harrelson who messed everything up by hiring a PR agency who just shamelessly plugged themselves.

Tumblr CEO talked about being creative, get on there and do something new and exciting, just like you would when you’re hanging out with your friends.

The Facebook IPO is discussed at the end of the interview.  Alexis reiterated that he will not invest into Facebook because of their support for privacy invasive bills like CISPA.  He states that it “circumvents due process” when there is a cyber threat, and he feels that doesn’t respect a user’s privacy.  He’s been telling people this in the lead up to the Facebook IPO, and seems to be genuine about his desires for user protection.

Tumblr’s Karp explained that Facebook is the poster success story for the web businesses today, and technology investors are rooting for them to achieve their potential of a $100B valuation.  He seemed to believe that their success will translate to other social media and web businesses.

Check out the interview below.

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