Tubalr: Like Pandora For YouTube Music Videos

By Megan O'Neill 

Earlier today I saw a tweet that a friend posted— “Anyone tried using tubalr.com?”  I checked out the link and I was instantly hooked.  Tubalr is a simple, yet awesome, service that lets you listen to and discover new music, via curated YouTube playlists.  They explain, “Tubalr allows you to effortlessly listen to a band’s or artist’s top YouTube videos without all the clutter YouTube brings.”  I’d take it one step further and say that Tubalr is like Pandora for YouTube music videos.

So how does it work?  Just type in the name of a band or artist that you like and click ‘Only’ to watch (or just listen to) a playlist of their YouTube videos.  If you click ‘Similar’ then you’ll get a playlist of similar artists, which I think it really cool.  It’s a fantastic way to discover new music.

If you don’t have a specific band or artist in mind, you can listen to ‘Genres,’ curated by Last.FM.  The genres include everything from Rock to Ambient, Chillout, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Blues Rock, Christmas and more.

You can also create an account to login and “favorite” videos as they play to add them to a favorites playlist, which you can share on Facebook and Twitter.

Tubalr was created by Cody Stewart, who writes on the site that, “Tubalr is an app that was crafted out of curiosity and passion, September 12th 2010.  I released it into the wild and have been iterating ever since.  I built Tubalr because I kept running across great high quality videos wishing I had a simple app to play those videos back to back, while working or doing other things.”

Check Tubalr out and let us know what you think!  What other music services to you listen to throughout the day?

Image credit: isaxar via Shutterstock

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