Tripl Soars Using Facebook’s Open Graph

By Justin Lafferty 

Travel applications are becoming all the rage on Facebook. The site’s developer blog highlighted one in particular Tuesday — Tripl, where users can get a uniquely visual view of their friends’ travels. Facebook reported that since Tripl launched with open graph, the app has increased its user base by 600 percent.

The Web and mobile app serves as a visual candy store to view friends’ travels and discover new places that users would consider visiting. Friends can comment on photos and check-ins.

Facebook’s developer blog recently held Tripl up as an example of integration done right, touting the app’s successes:

  • Open graph drives 47 percent of Tripl’s user growth.
  • Tripl discovered more than 1 million user trips within seven weeks of relaunching with Facebook and open graph.
  • Facebook drives 12 times more sign-ins to Tripl than other login options.
  • Tripl starts building travel data as soon as a user authenticates.
  • The app uses information from check-ins: Whenever a person travels more than 100 kilometers from their hometown, a trip is crated.
  • Friends can explore or love a trip, and both of these actions create a story in news feed. While both actions are generating new users, Tripl has learned that love, an action with an active sentiment, has five times better conversion than the explore action.

Tripl Chief Technology Officer Nicolas Grasset discussed the app with the developer blog:

Open graph has helped us close the loop on Tripl’s integration with Facebook. Initially targeted for its core platform services — graph, activity, and communications — Facebook now also allows us to grow at an accelerated pace across Web, mobile Web, and our native iOS app.

Readers: Have you used Tripl? What do you think of it?