10 Travel Videos Every Trip Planner Should See

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Whether you are trying to decide where to go for your next vacation, learning how to pack, or looking for tips to make your trip go smoothly, YouTube videos can be great travel resources. We’ve put together a list of 10 travel videos that every trip planner should see.

Dream travel destinations

If you want to take a dream vacation to an exotic, far away place but have no idea where to go this video could serve as some good inspiration. ‘Dream travel destinations’ shows scenes from beautiful countries around the globe from Nimibia to Kenya, Egypt, China, Thailand, Australia, Spain, Brazil and everywhere in between. So where do you want to go?

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

Matt Harding had the unique opportunity to travel all over the world and dance. This video shows Matt dancing with natives in countries around the globe and may inspire you to travel to some faraway country and do some dancing of your own!

The Longest Way 1.0 – one year walk/beard grow time lapse

This is a great picture that shows one man’s journey walking 4,500 kilometers over more than a year and how the travelling changed him. How would you like to explore the world by foot for a year?


With over 725,000 views, this Sri Lanka travel documentary is one of the most popular travel videos on YouTube. It shows aerial views of Sri Lanka from all over the country and it’s absolutely beautiful. Have you ever been to Sri Lanka? After seeing this video, you’ll want to!

Europe Travel Planning: How To Plan An Affordable European Vacation

This video offers up some great tips for affordable travel. Though it was made two years ago, these tips can still be put to use today, and can help you plan an affordable trip not only in Europe, but in other parts of the world as well.

Packing Tips

When you pack for a vacation do you find yourself having to jump on your suitcase in order to get it closed? Check out the Mr. Bean clip below to find out how NOT to pack, and then watch the video from Lonely Planet for some tips on how to pack it in.

Mr. Bean – Packing for holiday

Pack It In – Lonely Planet Travel Tips

How To Get Through Airport Security

One of the most annoying things about travelling is waiting in long lines to get through airport security. This video from Howcast offers up tips to help you get through airport security as quickly as possible. The video not only provides helpful tips, but it also has a cool video-game theme. Nice.

Have you Ever had to Travel at the Last Minute?

Travelling at the last minute is never fun. Luckily, Chris Pirillo decided to offer up five tips for viewers, based on his experience of travelling at the last minute.

Secret Seats on Airplanes

Did you know that every airplane has certain “secret seats” that are the best seats in coach, with extra legroom and more recline? This video tells you which seat numbers you should look for on specific airplanes. 17H anyone?

Airplane Beauty Tips

Finally, whether you are headed straight to a business meeting from your flight or are meeting friends or family that you haven’t seen in a long time you’ll want to look your best. Unfortunately, long flights can make you look a little bit run down and busted. Learn some simple airplane beauty tips in the video below so you’ll look refreshed and at your best when you get off the plane.