Facebook PMD Tigerlily, SPMD Kenshoo Social Integrate Their Social Marketing Platforms

By David Cohen 

HandshakeAbstractWhat happens when a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and Strategic PMD integrate their social media marketing platforms? Tigerlily and Kenshoo Social, respectively, are about to find out.

Tigerlily announced Thursday that its platform is now integrated with that of Kenshoo Social, adding that it will use Kenshoo Social to create, manage, and optimize paid ad campaigns for its clients, and that it integrated Kenshoo Social tracking technology into its platform to allow those clients to measure conversions and revenue generated from those campaigns.

Tigerlily CEO Matthieu Chéreau said in a release announcing the integration:

By combining Kenshoo Social’s paid advertising data and the social relationship data generated through the Tigerlily platform, we provide ever more enlightening insights to clients, and offer them one of the most integrated social media marketing SaaS (software as a service) solutions on the market. This functionality fosters a holistic approach to social content, focusing on providing brands with a comprehensive understanding of their social media initiatives across owned, earned, or paid media. Marketers can use the insights gained about communities through interactions with owned assets to enhance the impact of paid media, understanding how paid and owned activity combines to influence the performance of their overall social marketing programs. Tigerlily and Kenshoo Social help marketers understand the customer journey, tracking each interaction throughout the purchase process and providing powerful insights to improve ROI (return on investment). For Tigerlily, this partnership is a milestone in the company’s history asserting its ambition to prove itself as one of Europe’s top social media marketing software providers.

Kenshoo Senior Vice President of Product Will Martin Gill added:

Advertisers that use Kenshoo Social and Tigerlily together can create, manage, and optimize their social media marketing campaigns in a true end-to-end manner. Social community managers can understand the sales and revenue contribution of their organic posting activity across social networks and optimize their activity toward direct-response goals. Paid social media managers gain insight into the owned media or organic posts that generate the most conversions and can selectively amplify these based on direct-response metrics provided by Kenshoo Social, rather than brand-awareness metrics, such as likes, comments and shares, which do not necessarily correlate to sales.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.