This Week’s Fastest Growing Facebook Games – February 28th, 2011

By CJ Arlotta Comment

According to, Ravenwood Fair is still on the move with a weekly growth of 887,523 users. Monster Galaxy, the moster collecting game, is ranked third with a weekly growth of 801, 906 users. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Monster Galaxy, take a look at these videos uploaded on

However, if carnivals and monsters do not impress you, maybe a trip back in time will. Wild West Town, developed by Clipwire Games, brings gamers back into the days of the wild west. In order for you to build a town, you must clear land, grow crops and build structures. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground against other users, for a dual may be seen in the future.

Monopoly Millionaires, developed by Electronic Arts, takes the fifth place spot with a weekly growth of 583, 849 users. If you’re willing to stay up all night to play Monopoly, Monopoly Millionaires is the game for you. This social game allows you to interact with your Facebook friends to play the famous board game of the 20th century.

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Sorted by Weekly Growth

Name DAU MAU Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Birthday Cards 375,991 7,068,171 54,427 941,941
2. Ravenwood Fair 1,235,388 10,912,862 149,947 887,523
3. Monster Galaxy 590,708 6,864,568 121,812 801,906
4. Wild West Town 319,520 883,290 52,637 597,149
5. Monopoly Millionaires 218,439 1,010,343 81,711 583,849

If the top five does not entertain you, maybe the rest of the top 10 will:

6. Glory of Rome 165,113 1,399,445 71,603 517,762
7. Ja oder Nein Quiz 138,410 837,526 48,108 485,394
8. Gourmet Ranch 205,980 1,137,854 61,961 434,917
9. Backyard Monsters 943,381 4,094,059 47,387 407,302
10. Mynet Çanak Okey 610,221 2,552,014 80,860 331,324