Thinkmodo Crushes It: Viral Video for Limitless Nabs 2 Million Views

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Is it possible for a hacker with a tiny electronic device hack into a host of jumbo screens in Times Square and play videos from his iPhone? Not yet. However, if you watched the YouTube video that has been watched by more than 2 million viewers in the last week, you might think so.

The video was uploaded on YouTube a week ago as the user name BITcrash44. As the week progressed, the video soon generated well over 800,000 views in just four days and had been mentioned on Web sites like Gizmodo, Gothamist, Salon and NBC New York. New York Times reported that one Web site even listed it as the most popular viral video on Twitter.

In today’s multimedia world, consumers are increasingly savvy to marketing. In an attempt to engage fans and moviegoers, Relativity Media decided to partner with Thinkmodo, a creative digital agency, to create a true guerilla style viral video. The non-branded video’s intent was to allow viewers to engage with the film without raising the barriers that come with traditional advertising. The resulting experience was very potent and skillfully leveraged buzz around the film the video was meant to promote. Here is a peak at the campaign:

The following video that was posted on YouTube on Monday, March 14th:

Since the release of the original video, it has achieved the following facts:

• Over 2,100,000 You Tube Views
• The video became the #1 tweeted video
• The video was the #1 URL shortened address on

It also received the following YouTube honors:

• #1 Favorited video on YouTube for the week of March 14 (Source: YouTube Honors)
• #1 – Top Favorited (3/15) – Science & Technology
• #37 – Top Favorited overall (3/15)

Relativity Media and Thinkmodo revealed that the video was a hoax and a promotion for the film Limitless. The objective of the reveal was to further engage consumers by unveiling how the video was made in addition to tying the creativity of the video, specifically the hacker, to the themes in Limitless. The film centers around a man down on his luck who takes a street drug (NZT) that allows him to access 100% of his brain’s potential and as a result complete unthinkable tasks.

The promotional campaign generated coverage in New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, CBS News, Village Voice, Business Insider and CNET.