The Top 10 Reasons People ‘Like’ Brands on Facebook [Report]

By Devon Glenn 

Facebook users are just as selective about connecting with brands as they are with their friends.

In its “The Value of a Facebook Fan 2013” report, New York-based social marketing company Syncapse revealed that the number one reason people liked a major consumer brand was that they already owned or used its product in the real world.

In a 25-minute, online survey of 2,080 U.S. consumers in Q1 2013, researchers learned that 78 percent of Facebook Fans were already using the respective brands in the study, which ranged from consumer packaged goods to fast food restaurants and big-box retailers. (Aspirational brands were the exception to this rule. Only 36 percent of BMW’s Fans owned one of the luxury cars.)

Here are the top 10 reasons that people Like a brand on Facebook, according to the report:

  1. To support the brand I like (49%)
  2. To get a coupon or discount (42%)
  3. To receive regular updates from brands I like (41%)
  4. To participate in contests (35%)
  5. To share my personal good experiences (31%)
  6. To share my interests / lifestyle with others (27%)
  7. To research brands when I was looking for specific products/services (21%)
  8. Seeing my friends are already a fan or “liked” (20%)
  9. The brand advertisement (TV, online, magazines) led me to fan the brand (18%)
  10. Someone recommended me to fan the brand (15%)

The news may not bode well for brands that base their Facebook marketing strategies on deals, promotions, and Sponsored Stories, as these results indicate that brand loyalty, not friend recommendations or incentives, are what motivate people to follow a Page.

Image by  thanongsak.