The Chrome Extension That Tells You Whether A Video Is Worth Watching

By Megan O'Neill 

How many times have you clicked on YouTube video because the thumbnail or title seemed interesting, only to be sorely disappointed?  But with so many videos to choose from, it can be hard to avoid clicking on a few duds for every good video you come across.  That’s where YouTube Preview comes in.

YouTube Preview is an awesome Chrome extension that helps you answer the question “is this YouTube video worth watching?” before you click to open it in a whole new window or tab.  Install it and it basically lets you preview videos (and crucial information about their popularity) before you actually commit to a click.

Installing the extension is easy.  Just head over to the Chrome Web Store, do a search for YouTube Preview and click on the ‘Add To Chrome’ video (of course, you’ve got to be using Chrome) and, voila!  Head over to YouTube and see the new extension in action!

YouTube Preview has two main cool features.  The first lets you hover your mouse over any thumbnail image and it automatically opens up a preview of the video which can be watched at a variety of speeds.  It also adds a new statistic to the video information called Total Reactions Per 100 Views (TRPV) so you can see how people are engaging with the video.  Additionally, on the actual video page you can scroll your mouse over the ‘Total Reactions per 100 Views’ link and a nice pie chart will pop up showing you statistics about the number of YouTube Likes, Twitter shares, Facebook Likes and Shares, Comments and more.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think.  Do you think you’ll be installing the YouTube Preview Chrome Extension?

Image credit: olly via

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