The AllFacebook Guide To SXSW

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, both personally and through the myriad smartphones on scene. Everywhere, people are liking, commenting, and sharing. The social network recommended to AllFacebook some applications that festival-goers can use to enhance their experiences, while others are using the event to gain traction.

The SXSW festival keeps people on their feet, so why not track the effort with Facebook apps? The social network also recommended apps that show the best places in Austin to grab some food.

Facebook recommended walking and running apps such as Nike+Jawbone UP, or RunKeeper, so SXSW attendees can track runs (if they can find the time) or track how far they’ve walked across downtown Austin, going to panels and parties.

For those new to Austin and looking to grab some local grub, Facebook-connected apps FoodSpotting and UrbanSpoon can guide them in the right direction and find out where their friends are eating. Users can also make reservations with OpenTable‘s new app.

A few other apps are using SXSW to show off new features. Members from concert apps such as BandsInTown and CrowdSync are in attendance at the festival.

Mubbl (rhymes with bubble) is using SXSW to launch its Android app, which aggregates and archives Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram photos related to singular events through hashtags.

Patrick Johnson, Mubbl community manager, explained the app in an email to AllFacebook:

For example, if you’re attending SXSW or following the action from home, after joining the Mubbl event #sxsw, Mubbl will add your #sxsw posts, tweets, and photos to a social stream from all attendees. Users can watch events unfold in real-time from every perspective, all in one place, and relive them afterwards, as events are captured for posterity.

Mass Relevance has created a living infographic that updates in real time as people post to Facebook and share Instagram photos from SXSW. As of Monday, Texas (naturally) is where most of the Facebook conversation around the festival is taking place, followed by California, New York, Illinois, and Florida. Of those talking about SXSW on Facebook, 33 percent are age 25-34.

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