New Political Ad App From Campaign Solutions Leverages Facebook’s Open Graph Tweaks

By Jennifer Moire 

“Where do you see yourself in four years?” That’s the question posed in the  first Facebook application for the Ending Spending Action Fund, which pulls Facebook users’ photos to become part of the video, called “The Ad About You.” The final product can be shared across Facebook and other social media channels to demonstrate support for Mitt Romney with friends and followers.

The app was developed by Republican firm Campaign Solutions, and it exemplifies how Facebook has tweaked open graph actions by making them more image-based. Campaign strategists predicted that Facebook users would start seeing apps that take better advantage of open graph as Election Day approached.

Here are some excerpts from the script (spoken by a woman as photo from users’ Facebook profiles, as well as stock photo, scroll past):

I know where I want to be. Happy. Thriving. Successful. I bet you do, too. But America is facing uneasy times. Unemployment is sky-high. The deficit is out of control.

President Obama spent more than every one of his predecessors combined. For the first time, when I think about my future, I have more questions than answers.

These are questions far too important to let others answer. Four years from now, I don’t want to be worried, I want to be hopeful. That’s why I’m choosing to make a change this November.

Readers: What do you think of these types of personalized Facebook political ads that are meant to be shared among Facebook friends?