Which Temporary Profile Picture Frames Are Available on Facebook?

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook’s temporary profile picture frames are now available for more and more sports teams, causes and events, but did you know that there is actually a list?

Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg provided this link in a Facebook post (embedded below), where users can access a pull-down menu that provides them with all of the available options for temporary profile picture frames.

He wrote:

Fans around the world are going to facebook.com/profilepicframes and using a profile frame to show support for their favorite teams. But fans from India and Pakistan are doing something different. Hundreds of thousands of Indian cricket fans are putting the Pakistani frame around their picture. And Pakistani fans are doing the same thing–showing support for India. They’re using the hashtag #ProfilesForPeace.

When we designed the profile frames feature, we just wanted to help people show support for their favorite teams or a cause they believe in. But this story shows that the more connected we are, the more we realize that what unites us is more important than what divides us.

Readers: Have you ever used Facebook’s temporary profile picture frames?